Accounting Services


Everybody wants money! Let Business BITS help you get money in the door so you can pay your bills, invest in your company and Grow your Business Bit by Bit.

Cash In | Accounts Receivable
  • Receive billing information
  • Enter invoice data
  • Generate invoice, attach back-up documentation
  • Mail or email invoice
  • Maintain electronic or paper file
  • Process W9 requests
  • Print AR aging reports
  • Make collection calls as directed
  • Maintain client files with contact information and notes
Cash Out | Accounts Payable
  • Receive mail via electronic scan, US Mail, or client drop-off
  • Open mail and apply account coding, match purchase orders
  • Enter invoices into QuickBooks
  • Scan each invoice for client access or maintain paper file
  • Print checks
  • Stuff envelopes and mail
  • Verify vendor statements and request back-up documentation
  • Print AP aging reports
  • Maintain vendor files with contact information and notes
Earn Cash | Payroll
  • Time entry
  • Certified Payroll reporting
Count Cash | Bank Reconciliation
  • Receive monthly bank statement
  • Complete reconciliation
  • Write recommended journal entries; enter with client approval
No Cash | Credit Card Reconciliation
  • Receive statement
  • Verify receipts
  • Enter charges
  • Maintain paper or electronic file